Caring That Yields
Farming in the Walla Walla Valley Since 1911

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Seeking new adventures and opportunities, John Harris Rea moved from Charlotte, North Carolina to the Walla Walla Valley around 1905 where he began working as a farmhand for area banker and farmer Harry Lasater. In North Carolina, “Harris” as he was referred, grew up on a cotton farm with his 11 siblings.

In 1911, Mr. Lasater helped Harris venture out on his own by renting Harris one of his farms and lending him capital. Harris eventually bought his own farmland and grew the operation little by little by buying land for wheat and barley production. In 1936, Harris and his sons Harris Tremayne – or H.T. – and John Hunt began raising fresh green peas for canning and freezing. The addition green peas to the crop rotation with wheat was very beneficial as the peas helped fix nitrogen in the soil and provide excellent organic matter.

In 1957, H.T. and his wife Helen Dent Rea purchased the equipment from his father and incorporated the business. At the time, John Hunt and his wife Delores Dodd Rea began farming and ranching in nearby Touchet, Washington.

In 1970, H.T. developed one of his dryland farms into a state-of-the-art irrigated farm that included one of the early center pivots.

Upon graduation from Washington State University in 1973, Dennis joined his father in the operation.

In 2013, Nathan returned to the family business after spending eight years working in the U.S. House of Representatives in Washington, D.C.

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