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Employment Opportunities

Organization Description:

H.T. Rea Farming is a fourth-generation family owned and operated farm in the Walla Walla Valley specializing in the production of various grain crops, fresh vegetables and certified seed. Headquartered in Milton-Freewater, Oregon, the farm cares for irrigated and dryland farm properties in both Washington and Oregon.

If you are interested in one of these positions, please contact us:  Email:, Phone: (541) 558-3776 

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Summer Farm & Harvest Job Opportunities:

HT Rea Farms is seeking summer harvest operators starting in May and June through August. The potential job duties include:

  1. Truck Drivers: 10-Wheeler Trucks + Pup Trailer, Semi Trucks + Double Trailers
  2. Tractor and Wheat Grain Cart Operators
  3. Wheat Combine Harvester Operators
  4. Internships - Customizable for High-School Graduates
• Competitive Pay
• Innovative Farming Practices
•Technology-Driven Farm Equipment
• Help Produce Award-Winning Wheat and Malting Grains
• Routine and Non-Routine Vehicle, Equipment and Machinery Maintenance
• Assist With Other Daily Farm Duties as Needed
• Contribute to, and Comply with, a Safe and Drug Free Work Environment

Applicants should be able to work long hours including seven days per week during peak harvest. Operators should be physically able to climb on and off large equipment. No prior farm experience is necessary but preferred, 

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Irrigation and Farm Equipment Operator:

HT Rea Farms is seeking Irrigation and Farm Equipment Operators to start immediately. The job duties include:

  1. Maintaining pivot, drip and wheel line irrigation systems.
  2. Operation of farm equipment, tractors and sprayers.
  3. Routine and non-routine vehicle, equipment and machinery maintenance.
  4. Ambitious, self-starting and reliant team member who has some experience with farm irrigation work and operations.
  5. Skills and abilities to work well and cooperate with others; schedule and complete work in a timely fashion.
  6. Assist with other daily farm duties as needed.
  7. Contribute to, and comply with, a safe and drug- and alcohol-free work environment.

The employee will be expected to work long hours daily Monday through Saturday and on some Sundays depending on the varying needs of the crops.

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HT Rea Farming is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer